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National Planter Supply has been supplying garden planters for years. We know what works and doesn’t, and we have the evidence. We give customers the freedom to choose from several planter options to order whatever design and material they want. Our collections include Corten steel planters in various shapes and sizes, from value lines to high-end items. We introduce new planter designs regularly in response to market trends and customer demand, and they must also meet all of our stringent quality control and design criteria. Whether you need one planter for a landscaping project or several loads for your retail business, we provide first-rate service.







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Corten Planters

Our Corten steel is 12 Gauge and 14 Gauge in thickness, made with heavy-duty Corten steel, precisely manufactured, and perfectly finished.
Corten steel planters are highly durable and require no upkeep. Corten steel [also known as ‘Weathering Steel’] contains alloys that cause its surface to develop a self-protecting rust when exposed to the weather. This protective surface layer will immediately repair itself if mechanically damaged (a characteristic makes Corten planters particularly well suited for the public realm).

Corten planters typically take a few months to develop their distinctive and protective patina fully. During this time, some run-off is expected, and adjacent porous materials (such as porous stone or concrete) may need to be protected from staining. However, the run-off will be negligible once the patina has fully matured.
If you need your planters installed immediately, National Planter Supply can do that.

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National Planter Supply

For years, National Planter Supply has provided the best products in the planter for gardening and other gardening supply markets. National Planter Supply has a large selection of Corten steel planters in various geometric shapes and sizes. National Planter Supply can bring your design visions to life, whether you want to bring an apartment courtyard to life, create an oasis at a hotel, or improve a seating area at an urban gathering hot spot. Our long-lasting, high-end outdoor planters can add a luxurious, personalized touch to any commercial or personal space. Our steel planters are made of high-quality metals and come in a variety of finishes to match the style of your space. Not finding what you’re looking for? National Planter Supply can collaborate with you to customize anything to meet your specifications.

National Planter Supply uses Corten steel for planter manufacturing. Corten steel is a low alloy steel that produces a resilient skin for architectural structures in harsh environments. Corten steel is frequently used to help buildings blend into their surroundings. Corten develops a rich patina of colors ranging from a rusty orange burnish to a textured silvery glaze, allowing it to blend in or stand out.
The steel alloy is created to eliminate the need for painting. Long-term exposure to the elements causes the steel to gradually form a rust-like layer that constantly changes and requires little maintenance.

We are the industry leader due to our innovative designs and material quality. We have the right products for your customers, whether you are a commercial grower or a neighborhood garden center.

Our Quality Our Pride

National Planter Supply takes pride in producing high-quality planters that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our stunning planters are made of 12-gauge steel and 14 steel gauge, making them thicker than any other steel planters. Choose only the best large indoor and outdoor planters from National Planter Supply.

When you incorporate our large planters, tall planters, or large indoor plant pots into your unique design, you aren’t just leaving a lasting impression. You combine artistic expression, exceptional craftsmanship, and natural beauty.
We continue to invest heavily in product development to provide you with the most diverse range of container options in the most contemporary styles. We can provide you with custom products, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

With our planet’s environmental problems today, National Planter Supply has made great strides to ensure our products are eco-friendly and help conserve one of our most precious natural resources, water.

As we expand our product line, rest assured that each new planter is designed with the same emphasis on environmental stewardship, innovation, and value.
We appreciate your interest in our products and sincerely hope you will discover while using our products and services. On behalf of the entire National Planter Supply team, we thank you for your ongoing support.