Corten Steel Round Tapered Planter

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Product Details

This tapered round planter is the perfect accent for adding structure to your outdoor or indoor design. Flank any door with a pair of these tapered round planters to make your entrance grander and more welcoming. Define the corners of any space or create a new area with the vertical definition, color, and style that only Corten Steel tapered round planters can bring. Or follow the rule of three by placing a collection of these modern, stylish planters wherever you’d like to draw the eye.

Made from Corten Steel, these round planters will slowly oxidize to a beautiful copper-colored patina when allowed to weather outdoors. But of course, if you’d like to use them indoors, you may do that as well. Each tapered round planter comes with a drainage-hole (optional) for outdoor use or no drainage holes for indoor use. Add that to our six available sizes, and the only limit to your design possibilities will be your own imagination!

When you choose Corten Steel (weathering steel) for your round tapered planters to enhance your space, you can be sure that your design will not only turn heads with its unique, dramatic look but that it will last for many years to come.